Johann Hermann FROLICH (RIN: 6080), son of Heinrich FROLICH and Anna Catharina MULLER , was born August 1641 in Creuznach, Hesse-Darmstadt, GERMANY. He married Eva ORTTENBERGER 15 January 1667 in Creuznach, Hesse-Darmstadt, GERMANY. He died 08 May 1713 in Westhofen, Rhine Palatine, GERMANY. Eva ORTTENBERGER (RIN: 35204), daughter of Samuel ORTTENBERGER and Anna Margaretha , was born 1640. She died May 1697 in Creuznach, Hesse-Darmstadt, GERMANY.

Children of Johann Hermann FROLICH and Eva ORTTENBERGER are:
1. Maria Margaretha FROHLICH (RIN: 1971), b. March 1676 See Johann Heinrich CORKUM & Maria Margaretha FROHLICH
2. Maria Margaretha FROLICH (RIN: 36819), b. December 1667
3. Johann Wendel FROLICH (RIN: 36820), b. April 1670
4. Friedrich FROLICH (RIN: 36821), b. September 1672
5. Johannes FROLICH (RIN: 36822), b. September 1673
6. Anna Margaretha FROLICH (RIN: 36823), b. February 1678
7. Anna Clara FROLICH (RIN: 36824), b. August 1679
8. Johann Gerhard FROLICH (RIN: 36825), b. November 1680
9. Adolph Nicolaus FROLICH (RIN: 36826), b. December 1683

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