Joseph SLAUENWHITE (RIN: 7923), son of Tobias SLAUENWHITE and Maria Magdalena BLIXENDORFER (?) , was born abt. 1708 in Sternenfels, Wurttemburg, GERMANY. He died 07 February 1783. Ursula Magdalena KELLER (RIN: 7924), daughter of Jacob KELLER and Maria Elizabetha , was born 24 October 1712 in Durrenzimmern, Wurttemburg, GERMANY. She died 1797.

Children of Joseph SLAUENWHITE and Ursula Magdalena KELLER are:
1. John Jacob SLAUENWHITE (RIN: 3194), b. 11 August 1743 See John Jacob SLAUENWHITE & Marie Elizabeth RIGOLEAU
2. John Frederick SLAUENWHITE (RIN: 7925), b. 28 August 1745 See John Frederick SLAUENWHITE & Catherine Elizabeth
3. Helena Margaretha SLAUENWHITE (RIN: 7926), b. abt. 1755
4. Catherine Elizabeth SLAUENWHITE (RIN: 7927), b. abt. 1757 See John CASHEN & Catherine Elizabeth SLAUENWHITE

Other Marriages/Unions for Joseph SLAUENWHITE:
See Joseph SLAUENWHITE & Maria Catherine MAJORS

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