Neil MACDONALD (RIN: 8004) was born March 1820 in Tiree, Argyleshire, SCOTLAND. He died 14 May 1895 in East Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Breadalbane MACKINNON (RIN: 7870), daughter of Allan Ban MACKINNON and Mary MACLEAN , was born April 1835 in Invernesshire, SCOTLAND. She died 24 September 1900 in Scotsville, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Neil MACDONALD and Breadalbane MACKINNON are:
1. Annie MACDONALD (RIN: 8005), b. 1863 See Alexander (Allie) MACLEAN & Annie MACDONALD
2. Mary Jane MACDONALD (RIN: 8006) See Angus CAMERON & Mary Jane MACDONALD
3. Jessie MACDONALD (RIN: 8007) See Hector MACPHAIL & Jessie MACDONALD
4. Betty Ann MACDONALD (RIN: 8008) See John B. MACDONALD & Betty Ann MACDONALD
5. Charles Lauchlin MACDONALD (RIN: 8009), b. 1867 See Charles Lauchlin MACDONALD & Sarah MACLEAN
6. Allan B. MACDONALD (RIN: 8010)
7. Hugh N. MACDONALD (RIN: 8011), b. 21 August 1856

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