Johannes HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 390) was born abt. 1697 in SWITZERLAND. He married Elizabeth LAUGENAUER abt. 1720 in SWITZERLAND. Elizabeth LAUGENAUER (RIN: 1020) was born abt. 1700 in SWITZERLAND.

Children of Johannes HOGIN (HOAGG) and Elizabeth LAUGENAUER are:
1. Elizabeth HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1019), b. 1734 See Christopher (Christian) ROSTI & Elizabeth HOGIN (HOAGG) OR George COLLICUT & Elizabeth HOGIN (HOAGG)
2. Hanss Jacob HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1038), b. abt. 1721 See Hanss Jacob HOGIN (HOAGG) & Anna Catharina MARTIN
3. Johannes HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1040), b. abt. 1725 See Johannes HOGIN (HOAGG) & Barbara MARTIN
4. Anna Barbara HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1042), b. abt. 1727
5. Hanss George HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1043), b. abt. 1729 See Hanss George HOGIN (HOAGG) & Elizabeth KLARER
6. Hanss Ulrich HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1045), b. abt. 1731 See Hanss Ulrich HOGIN (HOAGG) & Raegula LOERER
7. Anna Catharina HOGIN (HOAGG) (RIN: 1047), b. abt. 1737

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