Valett D. WARD (RIN: 10780) was born November 1857 in Scarboro, Maine. He died bef. 1936 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine. Nellie PROUT (RIN: 10781) in Scarboro, Maine. She died bet. 1892 and 1900 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine.

Children of Valett D. WARD and Nellie PROUT are:
1. Agnes [Mildred] WARD (RIN: 10507), b. November 1884 See Fred B. BURNHAM & Agnes [Mildred] WARD
2. Mabel D. WARD (RIN: 11739), b. August 1880
3. Everett C. WARD (RIN: 11740), b. December 1882
4. Clifford E. WARD (RIN: 11741), b. May 1892

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