Geroge Francis [Frank] FREDERICKS (RIN: 14532), son of Jacob FREDERICKS and Catherine GUEST , was born abt. 1816. He married Hannah Elizabeth Sophia RAFUSE 19 January 1842 in St. Stephen's Anglican, Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 17 September 1876. Hannah Elizabeth Sophia RAFUSE (RIN: 14533), daughter of Johann Daniel RAFUSE and Catherine Elizabeth DEMONE , was born 1820 in Gold River, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 24 April 1870 in Gold River, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Geroge Francis [Frank] FREDERICKS and Hannah Elizabeth Sophia RAFUSE are:
1. Mary Jane (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 12145), b. 10 October 1845 See Charles Alfred HILTZ & Mary Jane (Fredericks) ADAMS OR Peter Benjamin YOUNG & Mary Jane (Fredericks) ADAMS
2. George Isaac (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14542), b. 06 February 1843 See George Isaac (Fredericks) ADAMS & Maria RAFUSE
3. George Charles (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14549), b. 26 May 1844 See George Charles (Fredericks) ADAMS & Sarah [Sally] KEDDY
4. Joshua Lewis (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14551), b. 27 January 1847
5. Hannah Elizabeth (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14552), b. 11 January 1849
6. James Joseph (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14553), b. 10 October 1850
7. Elizabeth (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14554) See George KEYSER & Elizabeth (Fredericks) ADAMS
8. James Jonas Francis (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14556), b. 01 October 1853 See James Jonas Francis (Fredericks) ADAMS & Margaret SAWLER
9. Susan (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14557), b. 03 November 1856 See Peter KEYSER & Susan (Fredericks) ADAMS
10. John Joseph (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14559), b. 01 March 1858
11. Albertine [Addie] (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14560), b. 30 September 1860 See James Edmund HILTZ & Albertine [Addie] (Fredericks) ADAMS
12. John Abraham (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 14567), b. 01 January 1866
13. George Henry (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 21968), b. 10 May 1852 See George Henry (Fredericks) ADAMS & Anna [Lavinia] HILTZ

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See Geroge Francis [Frank] FREDERICKS & Catherine MOSHER

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