Bruce Charles WALLACE (RIN: 15485), son of Charles S. WALLACE and Jessie MACDONALD , was born 15 June 1941 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California. He married Shirley Lou QUAYLE . He died 14 April 1993 in Van Buren, Arkansas. Shirley Lou QUAYLE (RIN: 15486) was born [private] in Nevada City, California.

Children of Bruce Charles WALLACE and Shirley Lou QUAYLE are:
1. Constance Rene WALLACE (RIN: 15564), b. [private]
2. Michael Dean WALLACE (RIN: 15565), b. [private]
3. Patrick Glen WALLACE (RIN: 15566), b. [private]
4. Susanna Marie WALLACE (RIN: 15567), b. [private]

Notes for Bruce Charles WALLACE: