Cornelius Hill LORDLY (RIN: 29787), son of Joseph LORDLY and Susannah FILLIS , was born 30 July 1809 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Elizabeth Dimock CRANDALL 09 October 1831 in St. Stephen's Anglican, Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 15 May 1836. Elizabeth Dimock CRANDALL (RIN: 14985), daughter of David Wilbur CRANDALL and Lucy ELLIS , was born 23 November 1810 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Cornelius Hill LORDLY and Elizabeth Dimock CRANDALL are:
1. Lucy Stannage LORDLY (RIN: 31856), b. 21 November 1835
2. William George LORDLY (RIN: 35783), b. 14 March 1832
3. Margaret Grey LORDLY (RIN: 35828), b. 13 October 1833

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