Levi EATON (RIN: 1986), son of Levi EATON and Elizabeth HUNTINGTON , was born 16 April 1864. He married Henrietta Elizabeth CORKUM 26 November 1884. Henrietta Elizabeth CORKUM (RIN: 916), daughter of Frederick Enos CORKUM and Johanna RHONE (RHULAND?) , was born 06 September 1860.

Children of Levi EATON and Henrietta Elizabeth CORKUM are:
1. Florence Marie EATON (RIN: 11438) See William Thomas MILLARD & Florence Marie EATON
2. Daisy Eileen EATON (RIN: 11439) See David Alexander STEWART & Daisy Eileen EATON
3. Harris Llewellyn EATON (RIN: 11440), b. 12 July 1898 See Harris Llewellyn EATON & Ada Florence BOGGS

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