John Jacob RICHARDSON (RIN: 1735), son of Samuel RICHARDSON and Johanna [Hannah] Philippina CROFT , was born 06 April 1802. He married Anna [Catherine] EISENHAUER 23 April 1829 in St. Stephen's Anglican, Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 03 June 1886 in Clam Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Anna [Catherine] EISENHAUER (RIN: 2486), daughter of John Peter EISENHAUER and Elizabeth WHITMAN , was born 05 June 1803. She died 06 June 1881 in West Petpeswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of John Jacob RICHARDSON and Anna [Catherine] EISENHAUER are:
1. John Jacob RICHARDSON (RIN: 5448), b. 1842 See John Jacob RICHARDSON & Eliza GAETZ
2. William RICHARDSON (RIN: 20540), b. abt. 1830 See William RICHARDSON & Catherine WEEKS
3. Charles RICHARDSON (RIN: 20541), b. abt. 1831 See Charles RICHARDSON & Hannah RICHARDSON
4. David RICHARDSON (RIN: 20546), b. abt. 1834 See David RICHARDSON & Emmeline GREENOUGH OR David RICHARDSON & Elizabeth Ann DEBAIE
5. Samuel RICHARDSON (RIN: 20553), b. abt. 1839 See Samuel RICHARDSON & Mary [Rebecca] RICHARDSON

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