Abner Langille WEBBER (RIN: 18531), son of William Pulsifer WEBBER and Mary Hardecker LANTZ , was born 04 December 1852. He married Mary Barbara Margaret [Minnie] FADER 09 September 1879 in Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 1923 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Mary Barbara Margaret [Minnie] FADER (RIN: 13315), daughter of Artemas John Adam FADER and Charlotte Sophia EISEN , was born 13 March 1858. She died January 1944 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Abner Langille WEBBER and Mary Barbara Margaret [Minnie] FADER are:
1. Ethel M. WEBBER (RIN: 20956), b. 07 February 1880
2. Ida E. WEBBER (RIN: 20957), b. 27 January 1888
3. Harriet [Hattie] Osgood WEBBER (RIN: 30373), b. 07 April 1882
4. William Morris WEBBER (RIN: 30374), b. 10 September 1883
5. Whitman A. [Horatio] WEBBER (RIN: 30375), b. 12 May 1885 See Whitman A. [Horatio] WEBBER & Viola Grace FADER OR Whitman A. [Horatio] WEBBER & Annie Laura WADE
6. Howard S. WEBBER (RIN: 30376), b. 01 January 1890

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