Aubrey EISENHAUER (RIN: 19165), son of Horatio EISENHAUER and Melinda LEVY , . Alena [Lena] Toletta RICHARDSON (RIN: 19164), daughter of Robert Arnold RICHARDSON and Georgina BOUTILIER , was born 25 April 1901 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 04 November 1988.

Children of Aubrey EISENHAUER and Alena [Lena] Toletta RICHARDSON are:
1. Howard Basil ISNOR (RIN: 40268), b. abt. 1920 See Howard Basil ISNOR & Edna May RICHARDSON
2. Sylvia [May] ISNOR (RIN: 42471)
3. Gilbert Clarence ISNOR (RIN: 42503), b. abt. 1925
4. Roland ISNOR (RIN: 42504)
5. Gordon Benjamin ISNOR (RIN: 42505), b. abt. 1934 See Gordon Benjamin ISNOR & Florence MCLENNAN
6. Vella ISNOR (RIN: 42506)
7. Edgar ISNOR (RIN: 42507)

Other Marriages/Unions for Alena [Lena] Toletta RICHARDSON:
See Theodore BREMNER & Alena [Lena] Toletta RICHARDSON

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