Arthur Gordon SHATFORD (RIN: 20226), son of Sidney Smith SHATFORD and Lillian M SMITH , was born 20 March 1892 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Jeanette Connor BULLOCK 29 September 1920 in St. John, New Brunswick, CANADA. He died 15 April 1953. Jeanette Connor BULLOCK (RIN: 20228) was born UNKNOWN in St. John, New Brunswick, CANADA. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Arthur Gordon SHATFORD and Jeanette Connor BULLOCK are:
1. Robert Chestnut SHATFORD (RIN: 20517), b. 20 December 1928 See Robert Chestnut SHATFORD & Lois Miriam Carol ELLSWORTH-GRIFFITH

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