Oliver Percy COVEY (RIN: 22982), son of David Francis COVEY and Ellen A. MORASH , was born abt. 1892 in Hackett's Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 02 July 1977 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Hazel RICHARDSON (RIN: 19576), daughter of James [Levi] RICHARDSON and Janet P. MANUEL , was born 18 June 1897. She died bef. 1997.

Children of Oliver Percy COVEY and Hazel RICHARDSON are:
1. Eleanor COVEY (RIN: 42195) See Colin RICHARDSON & Eleanor COVEY
2. Marjorie COVEY (RIN: 42196)
3. Muriel COVEY (RIN: 42197) See Howard CHRISTIE & Muriel COVEY
4. Rufus COVEY (RIN: 42198)
5. Walter Cyril COVEY (RIN: 42199) See Walter Cyril COVEY & June Mary BOUTILIER
6. Wilfred COVEY (RIN: 42200)

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