Murdoch Duncan MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23090) was born 1909. He died 1985. Mary Sarah MACKINNON (RIN: 23020), daughter of Malcolm Donald MACKINNON and Flora Ann MACLEAN , was born 05 June 1914 in Scotsville, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 1985.

Children of Murdoch Duncan MACDOUGALL and Mary Sarah MACKINNON are:
1. Hugh MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23091) See Hugh MACDOUGALL & Lorraine MACARTHUR
2. Malcolm MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23092) See Malcolm MACDOUGALL & Christine Isabel [Killy] MACDOUGALL
3. Florence Katherine [Faye] MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23093) See Winston Dunbar MACQUARRIE & Florence Katherine [Faye] MACDOUGALL
4. Melvin MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23094)
5. Deborah Aileen MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23095)
6. James MACDOUGALL (RIN: 23096)

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Notes for Mary Sarah MACKINNON: