James Leander RICHARDSON (RIN: 2256), son of William C. RICHARDSON and Mary Ann JOHNSTON , was born 11 May 1849 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Selina Priscilla CURLL 14 January 1871. He died 30 September 1914 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Selina Priscilla CURLL (RIN: 2885), daughter of William CURLL and Elizabeth WAMBOLD , was born 18 July 1851. She died 15 October 1915 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of James Leander RICHARDSON and Selina Priscilla CURLL are:
1. Mary Ann RICHARDSON (RIN: 2894), b. 27 June 1874 See John Henry GARRISON & Mary Ann RICHARDSON
2. James [Levi] RICHARDSON (RIN: 2895), b. 1875 See James [Levi] RICHARDSON & Janet P. MANUEL
3. Norman Charles RICHARDSON (RIN: 2896), b. 30 March 1877 See Norman Charles RICHARDSON & Gladys V. BOUTILIER OR Norman Charles RICHARDSON & Violetta Rebecca BOUTILIER
4. Laura Jane RICHARDSON (RIN: 2897), b. October 1880
5. William Henry RICHARDSON (RIN: 15221), b. December 1871
6. Emily Beatrice RICHARDSON (RIN: 15222), b. September 1878
7. Clarence Seymour RICHARDSON (RIN: 15223), b. March 1884
8. Pamela Lavinia RICHARDSON (RIN: 19295), b. 1873 See Amos FREDERICKS & Pamela Lavinia RICHARDSON

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