William Francis LORDLY (RIN: 29763), son of Joseph Edward LORDLY and Lucy A. TALBOT , was born 17 October 1865. He married Florence Elizabeth BASS WFT Est 1884-1914. He died abt. 07 July 1940 in Richmond, Richmond, Virginia. Florence Elizabeth BASS (RIN: 29764) was born 20 April 1871. She died 24 January 1951 in Richmond, Richmond, Virginia.

Children of William Francis LORDLY and Florence Elizabeth BASS are:
1. Ernest Walker Bass LORDLY (RIN: 29761), b. 02 December 1898 See Ernest Walker Bass LORDLY & Mary Louise CHURCH
2. Laura Hooper LORDLY (RIN: 29765), b. 20 July 1893 See Thomas Irving TALLEY & Laura Hooper LORDLY

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